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Urban Advocacy is a non-profit providing community engagement and advocacy training to individuals experiencing social barriers and their allies. Services are offered to individuals who experience intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis, and other factors that may limit access to community and civic involvement.



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introductory Advocacy Trainings

We offer a series of advocacy trainings to build both personal and civic advocacy skills with participants. Our process starts by identifying personal traits and values, then moves into community awareness and change-making once a personal foundation has been laid. Individual training sessions can also be customized to fit the specific needs of a group or organization.  


Conferences & movement building

  It can be challenging to organize and empower individuals who have experienced a history of segregation and oppression in varied forms. Urban Advocacy uses creative strategies and inclusive practices to bring people together, foster community collaboration, identify common goals, and create a person-centered framework for community change . 

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disability rights history curriculum 

Our organization is developing a curriculum on the history of disability in the US and the corresponding struggles for justice. This curriculum is customizable for specific groups and can be used as a starting point for allyship and broadening anyone's understanding of disability and disability rights issues. 



Do you or your group have a specific advocacy goal you need support advancing? Does your organization need support developing advocacy skills or creating a strategy for actualizing the change you've identified? With our experience in community and legislative advocacy, Urban Advocacy will customize a plan that fits your needs and provide support along the way. 


Our Approach 

Customized Services

Urban Advocacy will work with you and your organization to create an individualized approach to engagement. We recognize that each person, target group, and community that we work with is different and requires a distinct approach. We do our homework and listen to key stakeholders before crafting a plan and seek feedback for making adjustments throughout the implementation stage and in our follow-up. 

Inclusive Processes

Inclusion is our mission, but it is also the driving force behind our advocacy and engagement work. Just as self-advocates have been saying for decades: "Nothing about us, without us!". Our goal is to create opportunities for engagement and to empower the voices of individuals in our community who have been ignored for too long. We work closely with self-advocates in organizational decisions, individual projects and consulting, and support engagement and advocacy activities that are inclusive and responsive to the input of those receiving services.

Promoting Cognitive and Physical Diversity

Urban Advocacy wants to celebrate our differences and create a new understanding of “disability” by bringing people with different abilities together to learn from one another. We know that an inclusive and interdependent future demands a re-imagination of the language and social constructs that divide us.  You deserve to be seen, heard and valued by your neighbors, your service providers, and your elected officials. We want to help make this a reality.

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that we are mutually reliant on one another. 

 A focus on 'building independence' often unfairly characterizes success as a solitary, self-reliant existence. We reject this flawed value and instead emphasize the importance of building community, mutual reliance, and the recognition that we all need to support and to be supported. Because this value is so key to our work, Urban Advocacy is building a community of supporters and supportees, friends, volunteers, and partners who are invested in our mutual goals.